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Food Miles Matter

Basil - which rhymes with Dazzle,  can refresh you when you feel tired, and calm you when you feel tense or anxious.  If you are feeling stressed and exhausted, and suffering any of the related symptoms (headaches, indigestion muscle tension, nerve pain and so on) or you feel that your concentration or memory need a boost, basil will provide the tonic.  

     The herb is both antiseptic and cleansing, helping the body to overcome all manner of infections.  Hot basil tea reduces fevers and clears phlegm from the chest and nose, and so eases the symptoms of colds, flu, catarrh, coughs and sore throats.  Its relaxant properties extend to both the digestive and respiratory tracts, and can relieve colic, constipation and nausea, and ease conditions such as asthma and tight coughs.  

     Basil is one of the oldest herbs known. “Assists with headaches, and insomnia “ according to “HEALING FOODS”, by DK Publishing.  Anti Inflammatory to soothe fever; headaches, sore throats; colds; coughs and will help manage depression and anxiety while working on neurotransmitters responsible for regulating happiness and energy, helping to manage your stress as well.  Can detox your liver, preventing fat build-up in the liver itself, keeping blood sugars in check as well. Can build gut health increasing immunity and promoting healthy digestion as aiding in tummy upset as symptoms. 

     Being a “LOCAVORE”- A new term but an ancient way of eating. Locavores eat or try to eat - locally produced food, although of course the word “local” is pretty vague.

     This is where Rommey Farms comes into Play in your life!  “What you eat matters to your health and the quality and composition of what you eat is in turn determined by how the food is raised, what it’s fed, and where it’s from”.  Why is this worth spending extra time and usually money to eat local at Rommey Farms?  Reducing your carbon footprint, supporting your local economy, eating seasonally and fresh, plus knowing where your food comes from and how it is raised…...all these are positive attributes, and characteristics of local food and pretty much only local food.  Sunlight, rain, soil quality along with soil composition means better nutrient composition of food.  All things we strive to give you the best of at Rommey Farms.  

     Try something new for you in 2023.  we have our Community Supported Agriculture program,  full or half share options for your busy lifestyle. 

Want to get some antioxidants in your food source?  Use our jalapeno jelly as a glaze to your pork chop.  You are sure to enjoy the experience and taste. 

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