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Growing in the Winter at Rommey Farms

How to Shop: Visit us online, at the farm and at our Farm Market Stand in El Dorado at 325 W. 6th.

This winter, we are harvesting fresh greens and herbs weekly from our two unheated tunnels, or hoophouses as they're called.  Customers often wonder “how do you grow greens all winter without heat??” Well, we grow varieties that are bred specifically for cold climates, and we make sure that the plants have a strong and healthy root system going into the winter. We grow everything directly in the earth.  This means we don’t use any hydroponic or potted greenhouse systems.  All of our winter produce has a rich, field-grown taste. Since we only use the sun and don’t use any supplemental heat, our greens are very hardy and frost-sweetened. Freshly harvested winter greens include: arugula, baby kale, bok choy,  lettuce, rainbow chard, spicy greens mix, spinach, and more.

We also have our wild flower fed honey and pasture-raised chicken eggs. We use insulated “bags” to deliver our CSA in weekly.  We are Produce Alliance trained and have a cooler that we store in.  To make sure our storage crops stay crisp and full of flavor, we store them straight from the field in perforated bags or containers and wash them to order.

We are currently building a market with a germination chamber and shop that will allow us to open the farm year round for tours, u-pick flowers, and shopping. We will start to move our production out of the house basement.  In addition we have just taken possession and will be constructing a greenhouse for our plant starts.  This will also allow us to hire additional part-time staff.  

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