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Produce Safety Alliance and Rommey Farms

When were establishing Rommey Farms, it was crucial to maintain food safety practices.  Safety is at the forefront of our mission of feeding our community. In taking the FSMA training I can say that this course laid out what simple steps we embrace as the last thing we would want is our customers to become sick.  This is why we strive for a safer end result and decided to undertake our training with the Produce Safety Alliance. We are motivated to do our best for our customers. Building a community around the food we grow, caring about our customers health.

Simple tool cleaning and food safety infrastructure like washing our greens are a few of the steps we take. Our partnership with the Kansas State Research and Extension Food Safety team in working with Cal Jamerson, Dr. Londa Nwadike, Dr. Valentina Trinetta and Dr. Manreet Bhullar and has allowed us to not only grow in our learning but to help others in the field by offering other beginning farmers and their staff to come along side us. From field days to farm visits, are hope is to give back a small portion of the resources we have been given from our creator.   We are running a beautiful farm to grow for our customers and be able to leave for the next generation.

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  • These greens are magical! Recently, we had a family member experience issues related to Diverticulitis. The nutritional compilation of these wonderful greens include fiber, iron, vitamins A and C and so many other beneficial ingredients. By eating these veggies we were able to heal the inflammatory response of the Diverticulitis. Also, the properties of the greens assist with keeping and rewarding the largest organ of our bodies: the skin! We are radiant and glowing in the new 2021 via these magical greens!!!
    Deanna Stalnaker, BSN and Ethanni Stalnaker

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