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Raw and Unfiltered Honey Benefits

Unfiltered locally grown, gathered to benefit your overall health bundled with a multitude of vitamins and minerals.  Raw honey is the best choice for your health, taste the bees, and the environment.  

All bees usually fly up to a 2 mile radius from their hive looking for flowers, clover, alfalfa and other crops and natural plants found in the Flint Hills. The honey we sell is unfiltered and raw, ensuring the most properties have been preserved for your health. 

Raw and unfiltered honey contains pollen, which is also very good for allergens.  

 Research suggests that small doses of pollen found in raw, unfiltered honey may work similarly to an allergy shot.  Lab testing has demonstrated that honey can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  This natural antibiotic property is necessary as it permits bees to store honey in their hives for long periods of time without the risk of spoilage.  It is also why raw honey is still used to treat wounds in medicine to this day.  

People with immunocompromised illness or cancer, or organ transplants are advised to eat raw unfiltered honey with caution.  Likewise infants under the age of 1 should NOT be fed raw unfiltered honey due to their immune systems.  

We here at Rommey Farms take great pride in providing honey from Kansas for your benefit! Just Remember - "Eat sweet foods as you find them in nature".  In nature, sugars almost always come packaged with fiber, which slows their absorption and gives you a sense of satiety before you’ve ingested too many calories.

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  • I bought honey from you last year when you had a table set up somewhere in ElDorado. Wondering where I might be able to find you again soon. Or can you ship honey if you have any at this time. Thanks!

    Ann Leppje

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