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Seed Selection for Our Planting

Healthy and good quality seeds are the roots of a healthy crop. We select the seeds that are used to cultivate new crops very carefully.  When we sit down in a planning session, look back at the last growing season and determine what varieties had the best yield and also take in account feedback from our community supported agriculture member surveys on their favorites. 

We make solid decisions from planning before we plant that first seed. We buy our seeds based on the quality and try a few new varieties are out there.  The Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers which is tool we use easily searchable on any platform compiled by Universities Research and Extensions.  Research and Extension education on topics including: Insect, disease, and weed control recommendations.  The Kansas Specialty Crop Growers Association is another great resource that we have found to get information on varieties.  Check out our What We Grow page for the diverse offerings we are planting for this year.


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