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Farm Updates : Growing Year-Round in Kansas & Covid-19 Food Safety

Growing year-round in Kansas can be a difficult task to navigate. But with a little elbow grease, and a whole lot of planning, Rommey Farms is poised to make our first winter harvest a great one.

Our first round of seedlings have been planted in the field. The kohlrabi, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are looking great and we can't wait for those hearty, fresh vegetables come November!

In the east hoophouse, cucumbers, peas, and mizuna are seeded. In the west hoophouse, we are busy preparing beds which will soon be filled with greens and radishes. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are slated to come out the mid part of September to make way for spinach to be planted. So far it has been an easier journey this year. We prepared months ahead of time and can now look forward to this first year-round growing season. 

Food safety and the health and well-being of everyone connected to our farm has always been a high priority for us. In the current times this takes on new meaning. We continue to monitor the situation and stay current with recommendations for sanitation and social contact that are coming our way. Because we are a small farm with an amazing network of human resources, with a little creativity we can always make adjustments to our dropsite pickups where necessary to make sure that our customers receive their scheduled deliveries of fresh produce.We will be hosting the Kansas Farmers Union staff for a tour that is focused on food safety and how we keep your food safe from field to harvest. In the wake of rapid changes in the lives of those surrounding us right now the rhythmic connection with the returning fall feels like a real blessing.

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