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Full Season Half Share Community Supported Agriculture

Full Season Half Share Community Supported Agriculture

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Join the Rommey Farms Family and be a part of our Half CSA subscription!  Our first season will run the week of April 16-July 7, 2023  Pay for the full season upfront and receive a $15.00 discount.

Each week you'll receive half of our full share handpicked vegetables and herbs through either pick-up or home delivery. For one low price, we're able to ensure your table is always full of the most nutrient-dense, vitamin-packed produce our soil can provide through our natural and innovative farming techniques.

When you join the Rommey Farm CSA you're getting much more than the freshest, locally grown produce on the market. You're joining the Rommey Farm family and own a piece of everything we grow. You will receive updates from the farm, along with simple, healthy recipes utilizing your CSA items.

Now more than ever, what you eat and where your food comes from should be top of mind. By becoming a CSA member, you'll not only be supporting your local economy, food system, and small farmers, you'll be getting the peace of mind that you know exactly how and where your food was grown. A typical harvest to delivery turnaround is 36-48 hours. That is as close to farm-to-table as you can get. So if you are a discerning grocery shopper who cares about the quality and freshness of the foods you prepare, Rommey Farms Community Supported Agriculture Program is the right choice for you.


Visit our FAQ Page for more information.

You can also learn more about the benefits of joining a CSA by reading our blog post here.