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Purple Tomatillo Tomato

Purple Tomatillo Tomato

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Purple Tomatillos are uniquely beautiful and rare to find. They're small and round like a golf ball, with an average diameter of one or two inches at maturity. The fruit itself starts out pale green and ripens to a deep violet color, and that rich purple skin coloring bleeds into its bright green interior flesh.

Purple tomatillos have a tangy-sweet taste, much sweeter than their green counterparts, with citrus-like hints and sub-acid flavors of plum and pear.  The tomatillo's role in the kitchen does not end with salsa - purple tomatillos can be substituted for recipes calling for green tomatillos, though they are considered more exceptional for their coloring and their sweeter flavor. Purple tomatillos lend themselves to many different cooking methods including stewed, fire-roasted, grilled, broiled, blanched, puréed, chopped fresh, and utilized as an ingredient in applications both hot and cold, like marmalades, jams, and preserves. They can also heighten the flavor of pork, chicken, and seafood in Latin recipes. They are a truly versatile ingredient!

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