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Raw & Unfiltered Wildflower-Fed Honey (Glass Hex )

Raw & Unfiltered Wildflower-Fed Honey (Glass Hex )

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Extracted from wildflower-fed honey bees, raised in Hillsboro, Kansas, you won’t bee-lieve the glorious golden color and the pure, sweet scent of wildflowers. Created by bees that foraged on fields of colorful wildflowers, it’s fresh-tasting, mild, and rich with subtle floral notes.

- Full bodied with surprisingly delicate texture.
- No additives or preservatives
- The perfect sugar alternative

Our glass hex jar- a perfect size for a charcuterie board at your next get together.  You can add it to oatmeal, dressings for greens, meat marinades.  We like it best in our coffee and tea.  It incorporates into your favorite recipe for baking.

5 oz. Glass Jar